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Dark plans are afoot for the peaceful and prosperous land of Avenal. Eleven-year-old Maia, daughter of the Lord, must put aside her dreams of competing in the annual tournament and stand up for her realm. Accompanied by her faithful pony and a rag-tag boy named Raven, Maia must undertake a journey far from home and the ones she loves. Along the way she discovers within her the power to change the world.


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Paperback available at Harbour Bookshop.

A Girl. A Boy. A Wild Adventure



"This is a hero’s journey for young readers that is adventurous and full of peril, while young horse lovers will enjoy the author’s knowledgeable descriptions of horses."






"In terms of the style and language, Horse Warrior reminded my of Kate Forsyth's The Chain of Charms series. Overall, this one was a pleasant surprise and I gave it 4/5 stars."

Bookish Bron





"I really enjoyed it. Check it out, even if you're not a horsey person!"

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